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Through the RRJ podcast series, we invite you to join in a free, casual chat that focuses on urban informal sector issues with the RRJ team and other guests!

Listen to everything on our spotify or watch the video version on Youtube!


RRJ produces videos for education, coverage and documentation. 


The center of RRJ video media is our youtube channel. There is the KOTANATOMI series, interviews with Jakarta's characters and compilations of clips of urban phenomena!


How much do you know about the things that are happening around you?

Through various events we organize, RRJ invites you to see Jakarta from a different perspective to get to know the city's informal economy firsthand!


The Gang Walker is a walking tour that invites participants to explore the village world in the city center on a mouse walkway, while explaining the interactions between the formal economy and the roots economy.


Suaka Warga Kota is a discussion about feelings of security on the streets of the capital, and stories of participants' experiences. 


A Tale of Two Cities shows the other side near famous places in Jakarta, so that participants can better understand what goes on behind the scenes of the city.


The workshop series at the RRJ headquarters invited practitioners and others to participate in discussions on several important issues in Jakarta. 


For the latest news and next event schedule,

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Through our zine publications we explore several themes related to contemporary life in the Capital and beyond, sharing summary versions of research projects and readers' letters!

Read the latest edition at issuu RRJ now!

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