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Bang Arip - Kios Takjil

Hello Bang, how about selling takjil this year?

Wow, thank God, this is not bad at all, especially after last year.

That means it's back to normal huh?

It's even more crowded this year at the takjil market - at the beginning of the fasting month I was horrified because there were so many people, so I bought this good face mask.

So this year is more profitable than usual?

That's right, because people can't go home to their villages I guess.

Ah, that makes sense. Would you like to go home or not?

For me this year it's better like this. For the past year it's been really hard to make money, that's why I'm glad that this takjil has been selling well.

So this food is bought or do you make it yourself, Bang?

For the risol, lontong and pastel, I buy them, but this shaved cucumber ice is my recipe, just try it, it's really fresh, perfect for breaking the fast!

Oh right! Thank you, Bang

You're welcome.

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