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Bang Hamda - Goat Seller

Bang Hamda takes care of goats at Pekojan

Hi bang, how long have you been selling here?

I'm already in the tenth generation here, mas, from my ancestors right down to me.

Where do you live?

Used to live back here, then I moved. But as long as the stall is still there, wherever I go, I will always come back here. This stall will not be sold

If you sell here, has there ever been an issue of eviction or not?

There was a time when it was supposed to be allocated for another us, and we would be moved. But the other place didn't fit like here. It was supposed to be on the other side of the river there, but we didn't want to in the end. Y'know, we've spilled our blood here, so we'll stay if we can.

Where do you get the goats from?

We get them from Wonosobo

Do you sell goats only here, or are there processed products too?

We sell all the associated products, too. Kebuli rice, satay, and other things.

But there's no restaurant, right?

No, only if there is an order, we can make it.

So, if you sell goats, you need feed, where do you get the goat feed from?

Oh, there is a guy who makes it by the bundle, the price is 20 thousand and we buy it from him. But where did he get the grass? Wallahu A'lam (only god knows).

If it's Eid al-Adha, is it the same?

Definitely more. We might by more than two extra bundles.

As for goats, how many goats do you usually sell a day?

If you cut it, depending on the size, it can be around 15-20 per day. More for Eid-Al Adha.

If it's a normal day, how much is the turnover, may I know?

Approximately, the gross can be 15 million. But there are employees here too.

How many employees are there here?

Here we use 4 people, with my sister too.

4 people in addition to you?

I'm just the manager for everything. But I also used to work like the other in the beginning. When my parents died, I just took over the operational stuff

So, this is inherited from your parents, right?

Yes, it's all family. Maybe just the butchers are from elsewhere.

So, this is not just a business to make money, right, but a family business too?

Yup, it's a tradition

If it's Eid al-Adha, how much is the increase in turnover?

If it's like this, yes, it will increase by 70%. Until the day of H (Eid al-Adha). If it's a normal day, in a week it's not necessarily selling every day. If it's like this, one day there is something to sell.

After the Eid prayer, is there anyone who buys it?

Wow, even more crowded. You can still cut the meat for 3 days after the sacrifice, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, until Thursday Asr.

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