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Bang Kohir - PKL Bubur Ijo/Ayam

Jakarta's roadside neighborhoods are constantly changing, whether hourly, seasonal or more long-term. For informal entrepreneurs, reading these changes and spotting business opportunities is one of the keys to turning a profit. Tonight we chatted with Bang Kohir, who just moved his sales location to find new customers. For those in the Karang Anyar village area, Sawah Besar, Bang Kohir is on Jalan Krekot Bunder from afternoon until late at night!

Good evening, wow, you're new here! Yes, I just started here. Usually I set up back there (Karanganyar), where I've been selling chicken porridge for 3 years. Oh yes, why are you selling green bean porridge? The problem is that many people were asking for green bean porridge when I sold it back in the kampung. I thought, why did you ask? Ooh apparently no one is selling here. So I decided to add it to my money. Then why did you move to this location, bro? I want to sell 2 types of porridge, so I need a new, bigger cart. Just as I was looking for a new place to set it up, I happened to find an empty space on the side of the road here.

So how's the selling on this street? Yes, thank God it's been a busy 3 months. I even invited my brother from the village to help sell. I can't do it alone. So I cook it at night to sell it in the morning. My brother cooks at lunch to sell at night. Wow, I'm glad someone is selling burjo. I'll buy one please, Bang. Ready, do you want milk or not? No need bang, I just enjoy the original taste. Yup, that's the way to do it! Too right. Thank you, good luck! Amen, thank you too

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