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Bang Nedy - Kios Pisang & Tisu

The informal sector is not only for people who struggle to find work in the formal economy. There are also many people who choose to become informal entrepreneurs because the flexibility is more suited to their basic needs. For example, there are mothers who want to stay at home so they can take care of their children, or cooks who only sell at certain hours. For Bang Nedy, becoming an informal entrepreneur is the best way to maintain his independence after having his leg amputated.

Good afternoon bang, how are your sales today? Yes, today it's a bit quiet. Not many people, even though the weather is good. Oh that's right, but your bananas are almost sold out, right? Yes, they'll all be gone soon. But usually at 11 am I can go home. It's already 12:30 and there are still a few pieces that haven't been bought yet. I can save the tissue, but it's better to sell all the bananas today. If I may ask, bang, why did you choose to trade only bananas and tissue? Well, it's pretty simple really. One of my legs has been amputated, so I can't walk around. I can't even stand up without using crutches, so I can't cook, pour water and so on. That's why I choose an enterprise that fits my ability, namely bananas and tissue, so I can stand on my own feet, even if I only have one leg! So you don't use a prosthetic leg, right? I've tried that, but it doesn't work for me. The problem is that the frame scratched my back, causing an infection in the skin. I've heard that if you buy one from Germany, the quality can be good, but it's 50 million, so I can't buy it like that. Do your bananas sell well here? There's a fruit stall just back there. There is a fruit stall, but they sell different types of bananas. They only sell sunpride, and they're tasteless. I sell local bananas, from Palembang. Just try one, they've definitely got a better flavour. Okay, let's try one, then. So this location directly in front of the station door isn't a problem either? Well, you know, sometimes it can be a problem. I often get scolded by the station manager, but I just stay here anyway. I tell him that if I'm only here for a while, and I don't disturb the passers-by either, then what's the big problem, we all need to eat, right? Fortunately, the men from this ojek community which gather here always support me, and help me out so I can keep selling. So from selling these bananas, the money is enough? Alhamdulillah, for me it's enough. Every day I buy 60 bananas for around 100 thousand, then my price is 5 thousand for 2 pieces. From that I can get 50 thousand per day. Okay Bang Nedy, thank you for having a chat with us. I hope you are always healthy. Thank you too, take care.

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