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Bang Rahmat - Sopir Ojol Fatmawati

"I feel that everything here is enough for us, there are lots of food stalls and plenty of passengers, too."

Pak Rahmat has been gathering here for almost a year. During that year he mostly brings people in the morning to the Cinere area, South Quarter, Mayapada Hospital, and Pondok Indah Housing. As far as he knows, there are also offices in residential areas. His peak hours are 7-8 am, sometimes until 9. During the pandemic, when he hung out in Pangkalan Jati, he earned less than 100,000 in a day. He then moved here because there were a lot of outbound passengers, so the orders were more or less continuous, so that now he can earn IDR 130,000 in a full day. Usually he will stop at around 11 pm and return to Pangkalan Jati, taking a dual side job as a security guard at night and leasing person at certain times. He feels that the basic needs of ojol have been met as long as there are stalls and lots of passengers.

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