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Bang Rudy - Sopir Ojol MRT Fatmawati

“I hope there will be a special motorcycle parking lot for ojol”

Mr. Rudy lives in Sawangan, Depok. He gathers at Fatmawati because his wife works in this area and he takes her to the station as well. He used to take passengers to the South Quarter or housing in Cinere. Another place that he chooses to wait if it's too crowded here is the Cilandak Health Center. Normally (pre-pandemic), the pick-up and drop-off line at 7 am was so crowded that it passed through the entrance to the residential area, so for him, the current situation is relatively quiet. Today he only got one passenger to UPN. Even so, he feels this point is quite strategic and helps divide passengers and profits evenly between all the ojol. What he hopes for from the MRT area is special ojol parking. There used to be a public parking lot owned by a PT right next to door C, but it was closed due to a change of ownership. Now the entrance to the former parking lot has become a motorbike parking lot for the MRT security officers. The motorbike parking lot is now far from door C and the space is limited, so now ojol have to pull over along the roadside. "Even though it's quiet here (post-pandemic), all ojol get their share."

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