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Bu Diani - Warga Kampung Akuarium

What has been the impact of the pandemic on an evictee community in North Jakarta?

[APRIL 2020]

What is the current situation in Kampung Akuarium regarding COVID-19 preparedness, Bu?

We’re still operating a self quarantine for residents. We set up a gate and a place to wash hands, we keep a safe distance, use a mask when going out, and don't go out at all if it's not urgent.

How do you divide the responsibilities?

We have several working teams. There is a security team to monitor who passes through the quarantine gates and why. This is because we’re used to guests coming and going freely from our kampung.

So far, has anyone been sick? Or what are the preparations if they are?

There is a health team whose job is to monitor if someone is sick, to act as a liaison between the sick and the outside health authorities. There is also a cleaning team who ensures that the kampung environment is kept clean by spraying disinfectants.

So what about the coordination between the residents of Kampung Akuarium and other villages or with the government?

There is an information team that always coordinates with the Lurah, local task force and others outside the kampung.

Okay Bu, stay healthy ya. Hopefully we can get together again soon.

Amen. Stay healthy too.

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