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Bu Fatma - Traffic controller, Cipinang

Bu Fatma Became a traffic controller after her husband passed away.

Halo Ibu, could we talk for a moment about this work you’re doing?

Sure, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of managing things,

Thanks a lot. So, how long have you been managing the flow of traffic like this?

I’ve only been doing this for around a year, actually.

Oh so it hasn’t been a long time, yeah? You rarely meet a women who decides to start managing traffic like this, right?

Yeah it’s normally a man.

They’re normally known as ‘Pak Ogah,’ right, bu? So could we say that you are an ‘Ibu Ogah?’

Yeah that’s no problem, mas, I often get called that.

So why did you become an Ibu Ogah?

Actually my husband used to do this job, but he passed away. This is the main income source for my household, y’know.

So you are always here then, Ibu?

No, not all the time. I’m only here between 5-9pm, I took my husband’s old slot. In the morning and in the middle of the day there are other people. We share the schedule like that. I come here every day though, except if there is really heavy rain which makes people not want to open the windows of their cars.

Of all the cars who pass by here, roughly how many decide to give you some money?

Well, it’s not only cars who give money, people riding motorbikes also do it. Normally people who often pass by here, who already know me, will give some. The least I would get is around IDR 50,000 per day.

So that’s enough then, if I may ask?

Yeah, more or less. I’ll work like this until my children are old enough to work themselves. At the moment the whole family depends on income from my work, so whether I like it or not, I’ll keep doing it.

Okay Ibu, thanks a lot. Take care!

You’re welcome. You take care too.

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