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Bu Halimah - PKL Mie Ayam

Mrs. Halimah can't be sure where her trade is allowed, so sometimes she moves to another place.

Evening Ibu, are you here just to serve the motorbike event?

Yes, I come here every Friday night, there’s always so many people here.

Where do you live, Ibu? Is it far from here?

I live in Tanah Abang, so it’s not that far. At this time of night I can walk home, and get there in less than half an hour.

And what time do you normally go home?

Normally I’ll go home around 10 o’clock at night, but if it’s still very busy here then I might stay until midnight. On Saturdays and Sundays my husband stays home and doesn’t trade, so it’s better if I don’t go home too late.

Oh I see, so you’re both normally together?

Yes, normally we stay together, me, my husband and our children. My husband sells ketoprak, so he’s already finished trading by night time..

But you will continue selling?

Yup, I’ll continue until all my stock is finished, even on national holidays I’ll be here, or somewhere nearby. It’s less hassle on the national holidays, street traders are allowed more freely.

So normally you aren’t given permission?

We used to be allowed, I’ve already been trading around Monas for a few years, but these days we normally aren’t. Late at night it’s no problem, though, it’s more relaxed as long as there’s this many people around.

How long have you been selling noodles?

I’ve already been doing this for around 15 years.

Are there any major differences around here since then?

Actually it’s not that different, only the time of day I start trading, really. It’s better at night, even though the noise of all these motorbikes is a bit annoying.

Okay, thanks Ibu, we hope you have success !

Yeah, you’re welcome. Take care.

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