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Bu Nani - Ibu Jamu

What's been the impact of the pandemic on a travelling Jamu seller?

[MARCH 2020]

Hello, Bu, are you still selling herbal tonic?

Oh yes, for sure. Because of the corona virus, you mean? Yes, this is money for my house, right, so it's sure to keep going, just keep selling.

You’ve just left home at 5 PM?

Just left again, yup. In the morning, I walk around Pasar Baru, but all my tonic has been sold. So, I went home first, heated up the water and then off I go again.

Looks like during this time of pandemic there are more people who want to buy herbal tonics, right?

Alhamdulillah, there are still many. We don't have any info here yet about the corona virus, but everyone wants to be healthy, so drink your jamu herbal tonic first!

Okay Bu, be careful on the road yeah!

Yes, you’re welcome.

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