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Bu Rumini - PKL Nasi Uduk

Interview with Bu Rumini, a Nasi Uduk seller in Kampung Karet, established since 1992

Hello Ibu. Where do you live?

I rent a room in a local kos (boarding house) in setiabudi, not far from here.

Does your family live there with you?

No, my daughter attends a muhammadiyah boarding school in central Java, but I support her with my business here. I stay here because I know the area and I can make a good living.

So you bring your cart here every day?

I operate here five days a week, but only for four hours per day. In the mornings and evenings I move closer to jalan Sudirman, the main road, to find customers coming to and from work. On weekends there aren’t many customers here because the main offices nearby are empty, so I go to other locations like construction sites.

That is a lot of moving every day. Do you push the cart by yourself?

Of course! I move the cart myself to each location and then take it home at night again. It isn’t far for me to walk because the karet/setiabudi area is very strategic, and there are many different places I can sell, but I don’t got more than 1km. I already have to wake up at 5am to get ready.

Where do you buy the ingredients for your food, bu?

Normally I go to pasar Senen. It’s a little far from here but I can just leave my cart on the street outside my kos and ride my motorbike.

Why do you think so many people come to carts for their food?

Most of my customers are business people, they have money but they still come to eat from a cart because the price is much cheaper. Even in the office canteen the food is more expensive.

Thanks, Ibu.

Ya, stay safe.

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