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Bu Tum - Pemilik Warteg

How are warung coping with the reduction in mass mobility?

Afternoon Bu, what are you shopping for?

Spices for my products, take a look.

Ooh, what do you sell, Bu?

I run a warteg (warung Tegal) in the Pedurenan behind Ambassador Mall.

Ah okay, so what is the condition of a warteg business during this pandemic?

Alhamdulillah, I still have 80% of my income, fortunately my shop is close to the main road, and warteg are cheaper than most other options, right? For those further away from the main road, they might lose 50% of their income or more...

Where do the buyers usually come from?

In my shop a lot of them are young people from the nearby Kos (rented rooms), the same as those who work at the Ambassador Mall (ITC) nearby.

Does that mean that the recent lockdown restrictions had an effect by limiting workers?

Yes, it was noticeable, but thank God I can still make some money.

So are there any problems during this pandemic with shopping like this?

I often shop for spices at the Mencos market or the benhil market, but at the very least I use a mask, following the government's recommendation.

Yup, that makes sense. Keeping healthy is the most important thing, bu. If that's all, thank you very much, I'll say goodbye!

Yes, you're welcome.

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