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Ibu Jamila - Kios Jus

Bu Jamila has to prepare lots of stock in the afternoon when selling during Ramadan

Good afternoon, Ibu. Do you have time to talk about your enterprise?

Sure, no problem.

Will you be going anywhere this holiday season?

I’m a Betawi person, originally from Jakarta, so I don’t need to go and visit my village, but I will go back to my husband’s village in central Java to visit his family.

Is it different operating your business during the Ramadan period?

There are some differences; of course it’s not very busy during the morning or midday, and it gets very busy in the late afternoon. We have to do more preparation for all the orders around iftar, so we hire one extra person to help us.

So you normally work alone?

No, normally there are two of us, but for iftar we will need three. He’s still sleeping right now, though!

And how about the profits? Is Ramadan good or bad for your business?

For us Ramadan is great, and our profits can increase significantly. Everyone wants sop buah to break their fasting with, so we’ll sell everything every day.

Finally, do you prefer working in Ramadan or on normal days?

Definitely during Ramadan! It’s not about the money, though; it’s a special time for everyone. Normal days are just that… normal!

Thanks, Ibu.

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