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Informal Jaman Now - Sewa Akun Zoom

This week we had a chance to chat with a businessman. Let's just call her Mawar, who thought of looking for additional income from renting out Zoom's virtual meeting room, and it turns out that the results were pretty good ...

1. When did you start? And how did you start? Are there friends who started first, or were you just browsing for information and thinking about taking this opportunity?

Starting from Nov 2020. Since WFH was implemented, meetings with colleagues or customers have been conducted online. One of the popular online meeting applications, zoom, is most often used because it's super easy.

From chats with friends in work groups, school alumni or the community, they revealed one of the obstacles with using zoom, namely free access which only allows meetings of up to 40 minutes. Often in the middle of a meeting you don't notice how quickly time goes by. Upgrading to a paid account doesn't seem worth it for a lot of people, since maybe they only have a zoom meeting a few times a month, while the subscription fee is quite expensive, starting from tens to hundreds of US $, depending on the capacity and features used.

From there I thought of trying to subscribe to a paid zoom account, and rent it out to friends who need an online meeting for just short time a few times a week. I then made a zoom package scheme for the rental, divided according to the number of participants and the zoom features needed.

2. Who are your customers (people who rent rooms)? And for what activities?

The first customers came from friends of school alumni, used for meetings, social gathering, recitation and other missed meetings.

Over time, word of mouth this rental information spreads more and more, it is also used by several schools for learning systems and offices / agencies for official meeting meetings.

I have searched online e-commerce applications such as Tokopedia and Bukalapak, and it turns out that there are others who rent zoom out too, so I also posted about this zoom rental via that application, and I've got a few regular customers who often rent rooms. However, the e-commerce applications actually prohibits the sale of goods without a physical form so my posts have always been deleted. Until now, I have never posted again because I am afraid that my account will be permanently banned.

3. What is the average monthly income from this business?

I currently have 6 zoom accounts for rent, with a choice of the number of participants and the required zoom feature. The amount of fees that must be paid is around 1.5 million per month, but thank God that until now it is covered by monthly rental receipts. Net income is around 3 to 4 million per month.

It may not be a "wow" income, but the process is still evolving. Hopefully in the future it will still be in demand.

Okay, thank you, good luck!

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