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Mas Aji - Sopir Ojol

Mas Aji relies on the existence of warung around Manggarai station to drink, eat and wait for customers

Hello sir, usually you hang out in the Manggarai station area? Yes, every day I am here. Why not go to another station? Manggarai isn't the closest to your house right? That’s right, but this is the main transit station, meaning if I’m here I can definitely get an order quickly. And how much will you make before you go home? Depends. I want to get the target, around 300,000, but at least 80-100,000 everyday. Yes, so if you are waiting for an order do you usually go to the warung? Of course. Eat, drink, smoke and play phone games. What about if all the stalls near Manggarai disappear? Will you still hang out at this station? If all of them disappear? I would definitely go to another station. My income is not enough to eat or drink if there are no warung. How am I supposed to charge my phone? Then, do you have recommendations for the construction of the station? Yes, maybe don't destroy our facilities - if you can't hang out and smoke, you won't wait here. Thank you sir. Yes, you are welcome.

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