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Mas Eko - Tenda Duren

Mas Eko became a durian seller because it was his hobby from childhood ... nice!

Evening mas, I want to ask a little about durian trading

OK, I’ll tell you anything you want to know.

Okay, first of all, how long have you been selling durian?

It's been 10 years. Before that, all my family had a longstanding durian hobby, so after a long time we started selling.

So, mas, are you a lover besides a seller?

Yes, it’s true!

So, why only sell at night, mas?

Because we aren’t allowed to be here during midday. We start at 4 pm, usually until 1 am.

Yeah, but generally people don't sell durians except at night?

Oh yeah, because Duren doesn't really fit when it's hot, it's better at night. Moreover, maybe people want to go back to the office after lunch, it's not good to rush to eat durian, and maybe their colleagues don't like the smell too!

So, how do you know which one is more delicious, mas?

Depending on the person, if he likes sweet or bitter ones, but experts know the smell of the taste. Open a little, smell, then give the tester.

Yes, durian traders often do that, mas. What if people don't like it?

Well, if two people say the tester isn't good, we immediately sell the durian.

Where do you sell it?

There is someone across the street who sells durian soup. It's cheaper, right, so it's okay to use several different fruits.

Ah great, mas. Lastly, which flavour durian do you like?

I like everything, but if it's my favorite? Yes, it's bitter and sweet!

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