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Mas Erik - Warung Flowers

Mas Erik already knows well people's preferences on specific special days

Good morning Mas, could we talk for a moment while you get these flowers ready?

Sure, what do you want to talk about?

First of all, we’d like to know whether this business is just for the Imlek celebrations?

Oh no, we’re here every day selling flowers.

Oh I see, so even when there aren’t many people at the klenteng you still sell them?

Oh yes, but obviously not so many as today.

So do you have to make special preparations for today, mas?

Yup, we already started getting ready two days ago, making sure we have enough. The difference is that today lots of people will want to buy bouquets like this, and we have to know people’s favourite species of flowers for Imlek.

Are the prices different for today or not, Mas?

Per stem it’s the same, but people buy bouquets so it is more expensive. This bouquet has six stems, six different kinds of flower, so it’s 30 thousand. The bigger ones can be 50 thousand or 75 thousand.

How long have you been selling flowers like this?

For me it’s already been ten years, but my father has been doing it for decades. It’s a family business.

Okay Mas, thanks a lot. Could we take your picture?

Yeah, okay.

Have a successful day!

Okay, take care ya.

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