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Mas Faozi - Sopir Ojol

The decline in mobility since COVID-19 is a big challenge for the ojol driver community in Jakarta.

Hello, can we ask about the situation since the Covid pandemic? Oh yes please, what do you want to ask? Yes, first of all, what about the impact of the March COVID restrictions? Wow, yes, our income dropped drastically, yes. More than 70% of it suddenly disappeared. We can't take any passengers. But can you still deliver food or goods, Mas? Gofood and Gosend are still operating, but in the past most of the orders for online motorcycle taxis were passengers, so it's still difficult. In addition, if you deliver food or goods, it takes a lot longer, because if you get a gofood order, for example, we have to wait at the restaurant before delivering it, to the place they ordered it to. Especially if you go to an apartment complex, it can be hard to find the right door, there are some people who don't dare come out to pick up the order. Well, Mas Faozi you gather out at Manggarai station, the transit center of KRL. What about during restrictions, did you look for another place? Yes, during the PSBB I went to Cempaka Putih, there are more places to eat so I got more orders. But not enough, huh? Of course not. It's much lower than the minimum wage. We are drivers, not platform company employees, just 'partners', so there is no responsibility from the company. Many drivers have returned home because of that. What about this new transition period? So the situation is not that different for us. The schools are not yet open, and many office workers are still working from home. It's still quite difficult to get an order, for example, today since 6:30 I just got one. We wait a lot like this, so the expenses are bigger too. It sucks for the people at this shop if we don't buy coffee, right? Yes, it's really hard. Hopefully it will run smoothly in the future, bro. God willing, yes.

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