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Mas Moci - Asongan Jas Hujan

Mas Moci has other businesses, but when it starts to rain he leaves his work to immediately start selling raincoats

Halo Mas, how long have you been selling rain Jackets?

Already a long time, maybe around three years, depending on the season of course. My friends had already been vendors for a while so in the end I decided to join.

So what’s the income like?

Well, there isn’t a daily target, so I can’t give you a nominal figure, but it’s not bad. If it’s crowded I might sell ten or twelve jackets, especially if it rains from morning until afternoon like this. Each one costs 10 thousand.

You only sell jackets during the rainy season, right? What’s your regular work?

Normally I service cellphones in the kampung. I work alone, so if it rains I can just leave the phones at my place while I sell jackets.

[One of moci’s friends came by and swapped some yellow jackets for some blue ones.]

Why does he want the blue ones, mas?

Because the blue jackets are more popular. There aren’t many people who want to wear yellow jackets because its associated with death for people in Jakarta. If a person dies there’ll always be a yellow flag in front of their house or maybe at the end of the street.

Ah, does that mean there’s a lot of yellow ones left over?

Yes there are some, but not too many. We buy them from the area around Kota Tua, with some of my friends, and keep the stock in a house. The area is well known for having major agents who sell rain jackets.

Thanks mas, good luck!

You’re welcome, you too.

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