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Mas Mohamad - Starling

Mas Mohamad can sell drinks until the early hours after sleeping just a little ... maybe because he's always got coffee, right?

Evening mas, how long have you been trading drinks using a bike?

I’ve been doing this for 2 years.

Here to serve the motorbike kids, right?

Yup, that’s right.

So, where do you usually trade?

If it's Friday to Saturday night I'm here, but just at night. My day trading is around the Monas area, Lapangen Banteng too.

In the afternoon there are not many people at Monas, right? Is the income income at night better or not?

There are still people, but yeah I have to travel around during the day to look for customers. At night I can stay here, there are always many people who gather to watch the motorbikes pass by. It’s better at night I guess, even though it's noisy.

If you trade in the day, and also in the night, when do you sleep, mas?

Yeah, I only sleep for around 2 hours a night; there are still customers here until 4-5 in the morning if there is a motorbike event, and I start at 8 a.m., too, especially on weekends. Some only trade in the day or at night, but I do both.

If so, when do you buy ingredients or stock?

Actually there is an agent who manages it, as with all the coffee sellers in Central Jakarta, so I don't have to stop by the market to buy stock. One of my problems in the afternoon is that the ice melts more easily, but there are also ice traders who often pass too.

The bike is rented from the agent too, mas?

No, this is my bicycle, I bought it, but there are coffee sellers who hire their bikes too.

Okay, thank you!

Yes, same to you. Be careful, yeah.

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