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Mas Rio - Ondel-ondel

How has an iconic Ondel-ondel managed to deal with the pandemic?

[MAY 2020]

Good evening, Mas. Alone huh? No one’s helping you out?

Not today. My family are all staying at home. I'm the only one out and about.

Not going back to your hometown, Mas?

I am a Betawi, every night I can go home to my hometown!

So you live here, then?

No, I live in Kemayoran, but it's really quiet there right now, no one is walking, so it's hard to make any money.

Is it far from here to bring an ondel-ondel like this?

It's quite far but I don't have to walk. Earlier there was a person from my village who brought me using his bajaj. Later tonight, if I want to return, I’ll just give him a share of the money.

Okay, Mas, goodbye. Happy Eid too!

Yup, you too!

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