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Mas Rio - Sopir Ojol

Even when it's difficult for ojol-ojol in Manggarai, for Mas Rio it's still the simplest job.

Hello Mas, can we ask about the situation since the Covid pandemic, please? That's fine. It's certainly different indeed. What's the difference, Mas? Yes, during PSBB restrictions, Goride was not allowed, just gofood and Gosend, like that. The orders were much less, but there are still a lot of drivers, right? I rarely got orders. But the rates for meals or packages are higher, right? Higher, yes, but also much longer time. That means we don't have time to get an order again. For example, if we take the order, then wait at the restaurant, then take it to the place it could be up to an hour. In one hour I could get lots of passenger otders, y'know? Sometimes there are additional costs for us too, for example paying for motorbike parking if you want to enter the complex. The person who ordered it doesn't pay for it? Yes, it just depends on the person. There are those who pay but there are also those who think they have no responsibility. It's like a plastic bag, right now, we have to buy it, right? Oh yeah, because many places can't give it, right? Yes, that's right. So we buy it. So imagine, if the rate is only IDR 15,000, but you pay 5,000 parking and the plastic is 3,000, it could be 7,000 gross. Then buy gasoline, eat something, how much do you get? Yes, that's the situation. But can you use the plastic again, right? It also depends on the person. If he doesn't want to pay, I try to take the plastic with me, just give him food, but if he makes a complaint it's even harder to find an order, so I don't want to fight who takes it. Has it gone up again this month or not mas, since passengers can goride again? Not really, the orders are still very few. Many drivers have moved locations because it's still quieter here. So, if this new normal is going to carry on for a while, what will you do, will you change your profession or what? Yes, if there's a better job available then I'll change, but that's also difficult. I myself have received 3 interviews via zoom this month, but none of them have got in touch with me again since. Being an ojol is the simplest job, y'know, even though it's hard like this, at least we can get some money. I see, mas. Hopefully the orders will quickly increase again. Thanks for the chat. Yes, you're welcome, it's okay.

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