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Mas Wadi - Tukang Jok Motor

For those who have to travel all the time, comfort is very important, right? Mas Wadi's business can make sure your motorcycle seat fits!

Hello mas, how long have you been repairing motorcycle saddles here?

Already a long time, maybe around 18 years.

And do you stay here too?

Yes, we stay in the Kampung just behind our shop. I’m a Betawi, originally from Jakarta; I’ve never done anything other than this and never lived anywhere else.

The service you provide is specifically for saddles, right?

Yes we are saddle specialists, but sometimes we do other things. For example now I am attaching a stencil to a motorcycle.

And what is the price for a regular service?

For the saddle repair normally we charge IDR40.000; it takes only about 15 minutes to complete.

Do you have a lot of customers every day, mas?

Yes a lot. The maximum could be 50-100 people when we are busy.

Are there many online drivers, too?

Yes, we have many of each; online drivers, regular ojek and others. The online drivers want a comfortable saddle so they don’t get pain when they have many journeys per day.

Of course. Finally, mas, have you ever received any information about the development plans for Manggarai station?

No, we never heard anything about it. We don’t even know if we will be able to stay here or not.

Thanks, mas Wadi.

Same to you.

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