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Mba Atun - Kios Minuman

Mba Atun knows that people's preferences change during ramadan, so she changes what she sells, too!

Hello Mba, can we talk to you about your enterprise?

Sure, no problem.

Do you always sell here, directly outside the mosque?

Yes, we’re always here, but normally we sell ketoprak from our cart. During Ramadan we change to selling a mix of iced drinks.

Is ketoprak not popular during Ramadan?

Not really; I think people want hot food when they break their fast.

And cold drinks of course.

Yes, we sell these things because they are really popular. You can see there are many others selling the same products in this area but we will still sell everything we have. Usually we are busiest around 5pm.

How do you prepare for all the customers?

Well, we put all of our stock on the table ready to be sold, and we arrive to set up around 2pm. It’s really hot in the middle of the day so it isn’t easy, but we actually make more money during Ramadan than on normal days.

Will you be going home for lebaran this year?

No, I don’t think so. After Ramadan I just want to relax, and we have a nice house close to here in the kampung. We don’t need to work for a few days but we don’t want to take the bus or the train.

Thanks, Ibu.

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