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Mba Nur - Kios Nasi Uduk

Mbak Nur joined her mother selling nasi uduk early in the morning after her children were born. She feels that informal selling like this is more suitable for the lifestyle of a housewife because it is more flexible, and not far from her house so she doesn't feel that asking her mother to watch the children is a burden. Mbak Nur also enjoys the relaxing atmosphere on the roadside early in the morning, before it gets too hot and crowded with vehicles.

Good morning Mbak, your stall is busy even though it's very early in the morning.

Alhamdulillah, a lot of people feel like nasi uduk is the ideal breakfast. There are many other traders, parking attendants and prominent workers who all arrive early in the morning, and most of them are hungry!

That's right, so Mbak Nur always sells early in the morning, then?

Yes, I set up the table at day break and only sell throughout the morning.

How long will you sell for, Mbak?

Maximum 10 o'clock. Usually it's all over before that, everything is sold, so I just go home.

How much for one portion, Mbak?

Well, that depends on what you want to eat. Usually people like tofu martabak and tempeh orek, plus fried onions and peanut sauce. That costs 7,000, or 5,000 for a half portion of rice. There are several types of orek, fried tofu, vermicelli, soups, meat, all kinds of things. The important thing is that the rice is still warm!

Wow, that's really good. Why did Mbak Nur choose to sell uduk rice like this?

I used to work at Cafe Batavia, in the Kota Tua tourist area, but that was before my son was at home. Once I had children, this kind of work was no longer suitable because it was too far away, and the hours were also not flexible. That's why I started selling like this, helping my mother.

So Mbak Nur's house is not far from here, right?

That's right, my house is in the kampung just behind these buildings, so when my child was small it was comfortable for me not to be far from home, and especially now that my mother is getting older and needs more help.

Oh yeah that makes sense. So Mbak Nur has no desire to go back to work like before, right?

Nope. This is much more comfortable, people enjoy my cooking, it’s not far from my mother and children, yeah it’s more suitable for a person like myself.

Great, thank you Mbak Nur. Good luck!.

Sure, thanks to you too.

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