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Pak Budi - Kios Teh Poci

Name: Budi Laksono

Sells: Tea Poci, Cake Kemir, and Aci Tofu, tegal specialties

Evening pak. This Tahu is really good, did you make it yourself?

Yes, I used a recipe from my mother. In the past, my parents prepared Bung Karno's food when he was still alive.

Oh, yeah well it’s really delicious. How long have you been selling this? How come I just saw it even though I often pass by here.

Yeah, so I’ve only been here since the pandemic, mas, because I got fired from my permanent job as a marketing consultant. It’s exactly 3 months since I started selling here.

Why did you choose potted tea, kemir cake, and aci tofu?

Because I have a target market, I don't want to just follow the trends of what sells these days, because you can but them anywhere. In Tebet, I'm the only one selling this. I often get some famous artists becoming regular customers, you know. Hehe.

Wow, so they are all selling well, pak?

Not bad, mas, but sometimes I still take a side job as a marketing and interior design consultant, so sometimes I’ll shut the stall early for that.

Where do you live?

Far away, mas. In Joglo, but because I have a relative who can help me get a good place to sell here, I just used it. This is quite a strategic location.

Yes, you’re right, pak. Right at the intersection. So, how much do I owe you?

Poci tea, tofu aci 7 pieces… a total of 25 thousand, mas.

Cheap and delicious! Thank you, Pak Budi.

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