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Pak Budi - PKL Sate

Pak Budi is a trader who gets ready extra early so that he can serve the crowds when it's time to break their fast

Good afternoon, pak. Are you busy? Can we ask you some questions about this business?

No problem. I’m just waiting right now.

You are prepared very early, right? Many other food sellers have not even arrived yet.

Yes, I have to set up early because it takes a long time to cook the goat stew. I will have many customers at iftar so its important everything is ready in advance and I can serve them quickly. The water has already been boiling for an hour.

What’s it like running this business in Ramadan?

Well, of course everything happens later. We have no customers in the day and we stay open at night, usually until around 4am for Sehr.

And how does the Ramadan period affect your profits?

Actually during Ramadan our profits will decrease slightly. Our space is small so we become full very quickly, and normally people like to sit a while and relax after they break their fast so we do not serve as many customers. Since I took over this business from my father, Pak Heri, we started selling through online services like GoFood, and that helps us to reach more people. We also buy less materials.

Will you be going home this lebaran, pak?

No, not this year. I come from Madura, but it is difficult for me to return for lebaran this year. Hopefully I will find an opportunity later.

Makasih pak.

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