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Pak Denny - Warung Bunga

Even though Mr. Denny lives outside Jakarta, on certain days he comes in to sell his flowers

Good morning, mas, could we ask about your flowers?

Yeah sure, no problem. What do you want to ask?

Are you here selling flowers every day?

No, not every day. Only Friday until Sunday.

Oh yeah, those are the busiest days here, right?

That’s right.

So what do you do from Monday to Thursday?

Well, I live in Sukabumi. I only come here when we sell our flowers, so we have to prepare everything there first.

Oh I see. So what kind of preparation do you need?

Yeah so first we have to find the flowers, of course, and then submerge them in water so that they stay in good condition. After that they can be kept for up to ten days. Then we bring them here in our car.

Are there any differences for the Imlek celebrations?

Yeah, there are. First of all we have to prepare the types of plants that are most in demand, right? So that’s already arranged with the growers in advance. This is one of our most profitable days, so we need to buy in bulk.

Okay Deni. Can we take a photo quickly first?

Yeah sure.

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