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Pak Fauzi - Sepeda Chi Chongfan

Wow, finally I found Chi Chongfan. I've been looking for it near the vihara over there but no one’s selling it, pak.

Oh, yeah? You should have come here first, I'm always here!

Are you always here every day, pak? What time do you usually start?

Every day I’m right here, on the road in front of this alley. I’ll be here from 11am until 2 pm, or until everything’s sold, and then I’ll head home.

Did you make this yourself, pak? I wonder which one is Chi Chongfan?

Nope. Some other people made it, and I got it from them, just like all the other traders. This food is originally from Medan, and the tradition is to tell it from a bicycle like this. This one is the chi chongfan, similar to kwetiau, right, but with wider pieces. It doesn't really taste like much by itself, so you have to add some sauce to make it delicious.

Oh so there are a few other sellers like this here, huh? Yup, let’s try it, pak! I’ll take some fried radishes too!

Yup, all over this trading area. In this location it’s just me, and we all have our respective areas (while chopping up the fried radishes and chi chongfan).

So, how are sales this Chinese New Year?

Wow, yeah it’s 50% less than normal. Really quiet! I used to always fill the basket, and it would run out, you know. Now I don't dare to buy much because there are only a few people around.

Yeah it really feels like that, pak. Hopefully these hard times will end soon. Oh, before I forget, how much is all this?

Amiiin. Yeah I mean this is just life right now, the important thing is we can still get enough to eat. For these two packs… 20 thousand. Okay, thank you.

You're welcome, pak. Good luck!

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