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Pak Gatot - Asongan Ketupat

Hello Pak, may I take a picture?

Ho, of me? Sure.

Well, ketupat is definitely iconic for Lebaran. How's business this year?

Oh I'm not a trader, I just like to make this.

If it’s for sale then whose it for, Pak?

For myself, for others, I just love the process of making it. I mean if I continue making it like this, there will be too many, so I guess there will be at least 10-20 that I will sell.

Cool Pak, your hobby is making ketupat, huh!

Yup, that's right.

If you sell them, how much for?

Just 500 rupiah.

Wow, just like tahu bulat, Pak!

Yes, it's true, but it's more nutritious, it's more delicious!

Yes, sir, thank you, happy Eid.

You're welcome, happy Eid too.

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