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Pak Irwan - Asongan Sol

Pak Irwan keeps an increasingly rare job alive in the modern city center. It turns out that there are still people who prefer to fix their goods rather than throw them away and buy new ones, even in this consumptive era.

Good afternoon Pak, are you busy?

Alhamdulillah, today I’ve got quite a lot of work.

But every day are there people who want their shoes to be fixed like this, Pak? As far as I know, there are fewer and fewer repairmen these days.

There are certainly very few now, yes, but there are still customers. Maybe because there are so few repairmen, there are relatively many customers.

Could be, Pak. So, when did you start working like this?

It's been 20 years, since I was in my 40s. Before that I was still in my village.

But when you were in the village, did you work as a repairman, sir?

Yes, that’s right.

So are you always here, or do you travel around to find customers, too?

In the afternoon I start travelling around more, but in the morning I just stay here. A lot of people know I'm here, so it's not hard to find me.

Alright, great, Pak. So do you enjoy doing this work?

I'm happy, this job is good. I like being outside like this, meeting friends often, that's enough for me.

Thank you very much Pak, happy working!

Oh yeah, thanks to you too

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