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Pak Joko - Kios Parsel

Hello Pak, how is it selling parcels this year?

Alhamdulillah it's not bad at all. My son just left to get more because these are about to run out.

Wow, great. Maybe because people are staying in Jakarta this year?

Could be. If people can’t go home, maybe they will want to buy something just to brighten up their day, y’know?

So you buy the parcels from another trader, Pak?

Oh no, my son makes them himself. We have a workshop at home.

How many types of parcels are there, Pak?

There are 3 types, the small one is food and drink, the price is 250 thousand, then the plate and cutlery are 500 thousand. This full set has a rice cooker too and other things, that's 700 thousand.

Which sells best?

It's usually a small one, but this year more people are buying the full set too. That's why we have to make more even though it's already only one day before Eid.

If it's not Eid, what do you sell?

We have a little retail shop, and beside that still make parcels too, but much more for Eid, that’s for sure.

Okay Pak Joko, thank you!

You're welcome, happy Eid.

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