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Pak Muhamad - Sopir Ojol

Muhamad hopes that his income can return to what it used to be, but before that he has to reduce his expenses on food and drink

Afternoon Pak, can we ask about the impact of this pandemic for online motorcycle taxis? Sure, what do you want to ask about? How's your income been since the March PSBB? Yes, the drop is drastic. Before this pandemic it could have been 200,000, 300,000 or more per day. This is a transit station, so there are many people from Bekasi, from Bogor, Depok and others who get off here. During the lockdown they were all gone. There was still gofood and gosend, but it's hard to find a place to order too. I keep going to different places but I only get one or two per day. If that's the case doesn't your gasoline run out? Indeed, but there is no other choice. The money is for family meals. How about these new conditions then, Pak? I can do Goride again, so I returned to Manggarai, but there's still not much. There is also no bonus like before. My income has decreased by about 50% more, so I have to be smart about saving money, eating less, stuff like that. Wow, that must be hard, Pak. It's hard. Moreover, recently the application regulations are getting stricter. We often use fake GPS here, so the pick-up point is directly in front of the station, even if we are sitting in a stall like this. In my opinion, it reduces traffic jams in front of the station, y'know, there aren't many drivers on the side of the road. But if the app knows I'm using a fake GPS the account is immediately blocked, for 7 days I won't be able to get an order. The problem is that if there are more ojol there, there is often conflict with the local ojek or the security guard. So if these conditions continue, pak, what will you do? Yes, what can I do, I'll definitely stay as an ojek online, but most likely I will have to find a side job. My family is all in Jakarta, so hopefully someone can help. Hopefully yes, pak. Thank you. Yes, you are welcome.

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