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Pak Petok - Kios Dekorasi 17an

How are flag sellers dealing with the impact of the pandemic?

Hello Pak, good afternoon. Can I take a photo of this decoration? Okay yeah, it's okay. How about sales this year Pak? Oh, this time of pandemic is much more difficult for us. The profit has reduced by 50%. Even though there are decorations everywhere? Well, there are yes, in front of complexes such as banks or offices, but usually it is not bought on the roadside like this. They have their own craftsmen. Usually, the people who buy from me are from the village back there, but this year there are no competitions. This year, more people buy directly from cars when they pass, like that. What if there's a lot left over after 17th of August, Pak? What's left I sell it back to my friend, who brought everything from Cirebon. Are you from Cirebon too? We often meet flag artisans from Cirebon. We are all from Cirebon, from one village actually! There are about 50 carts in the area, all from Cengkuang village. Indeed, this is the culture there, flag sellers. There are many people there who make decorations, then they are brought to Jakarta to be sold. So Agustusan is important for the economy there, right, Sir? Oh yes, it's very important. We start getting ready from the beginning of the year. Okay, thanks. Good luck to Pak Pekok and all from Cengkuang village. Oh yes, thank you. Happy holidays too!

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