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Pak Rizal - Sopir Ojol

Pak Rizal well understands the importance of Ojol in the Jakarta transportation network

Hello Pak, how often do you gather at Manggarai Station? Monday-sunday, every day of the week. Why don't you go to the station closer to Cempaka Putih? I always start at Manggarai because there are many orders early in the morning. The first is around 6 o'clock, and then I go anywhere. Does that mean you haven't got the first one today? In fact there have been a few orders already, but there was one which came back here. I am waiting for the people who will make the trip home later. Ah okay. And how much do you want to get before going home? Actually I always go home at 12, but I want to get around 100,000 rupiah everyday. Every day you hang out in the warung too, right? Yes, like all online drivers. We like the atmosphere and we can charge our phones.

Does this mean you rely on the warung? Yes, this is the perfect place for online drivers. The Transportation Agency doesn’t let many of us wait near the door of the station, the same on the roadside, the same on the sidewalk. Then, do you have recommendations for Manggarai development plans, pak? First of all we have to be given a waiting place, or maybe a special lane near the station. The government wants the Jakarta people to take public transportation, but surely there are those who prefer to ride online ojek. If the train is late, then the busway is late too, how can the employee get to the office on time? We are already part of the Jakarta transportation system, right? Who benefits if we have to be far from the transit station? Thank you pak. Yes, you are welcome. Be careful, ok.

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