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Pak Slamet & Ibu Marni - Kios Pecel (Takjil)

Good afternoon Pak, Ibu. How’s the selling today?

Bu Marni: Alhamdulillah, it's enough.

Pak Slamet: Yes, compared to last year, y’know? Then there was nothing, we couldn't sell and no one wanted to buy.

Pecel and fried takjil will definitely sell here, right?

Bu Marni: Right! It is very strategic here, there are many people from the mall looking for food to break the fast, and besides that there are people from this kampung, too.

I see this road is closed again, right, but usually vehicles can pass, right?

Pak Slamet: Yes, usually motorbikes can pass but it is closed specifically for this takjil market. The place is rented out by all traders during the fasting month because we’re not allowed to disturb the main road in front.

Ah yes that makes sense. So where do you usually sell then?

Bu Marni: If it's not the fasting month I will sell near my house, in Tomang.

Pak Slamet: I travel around, but not far from Tomang either.

Oh, that means it's just the two of you like this for the takjil market?

Bu Marni: Yes, that's right. Usually it's enough with just me alone, but during the fasting month it can be really busy, right? Everyone arrives in just 2-3 hours, so we need to add another person. I prepare the pecel, Bapak prepares the gorengan and other things.

Pak Slamet: Look here, how many tables sell things like this? We have to hurry if we want to finish all the stock, right? If there is a queue, people will definitely just try the one next to us.

Yes, that's right. So it's nice to work together like this?

Pak Slamet: Of course, rather than individually, who wouldn’t want to?

Bu Marni: Yup, it’s great. A blessing of the fasting month.

Okay, thank you, we’ve got to go.

Bu Marni: Okay, you're welcome.

Pak Slamet: Eh, can I have the photo sent to my WhatsApp?

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