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Pak Sofian - Sopir Ojol

Pak Sofian really likes the special shelter for ojol because it reduces conflicts with ojek pangkalan and keeps the roads clear too.

Good afternoon, Sir. May we ask about this new shelter?

Yes no problem, what do you want to ask?

First of all, how long have you been gathering here?

I’ve been coming here for 5 years, every day. Usually I go back and forth, pick up here and then return for passengers again. Before that I was not an online driver, I was an employee at Plaza Indonesia.

Before there was a shelter, pak, where were you waiting?

Yeah, there were many places, in front of the station, or along Blora Street behind there. Even until the area around city tower. There used to be a lot of waiting places, lots of vendors too.

But is it better at this shelter, pak, or not?

It's better this way. There are many friends here, and it’s safer too, meaning that there is no conflict with the traditional ojek drivers. We all prefer an orderly place like this so as not to make traffic jams, basically.

So pak, how about the shelter facilities? Is there still something needed here?

In my opinion the facilities are good, but yes there isn't everything we need. For example here we can't charge our cellphones, and there is also no toilet. As far as I’m aware there is another discussion with the company to try and get it, so, yeah, hopefully.

Yes pak, thanks. Can we take a picture?

Oh yes please. Do you want me to wear a jacket? Or maybe with my motorcycle?

Whichever, pak, which one is more comfortable?

Let’s just try them all!

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