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Pak Syuhada & Bu Putri - Tenda Mie Aceh

How has the pandemic affected a family selling Mie Aceh?

[APRIL 2020]

Evening Pak, how are you? Isn't it quiet? How is it selling Aceh noodles these days?

Very quiet, yup. We're already tired of trading. It's been two weeks that no one wants to buy from us.

But still you keep trading?

Of course. How would we eat if we didn’t trade? There are still orders from GoFood, too, but not many.

Oh, maybe we can promote for you, Pak. We’ve liked eating here for a long time. Could we photograph your sign?

Sure. For now we’ve only got just Aceh noodles with egg, there's no seafood in the market, but I think Monday it will be back to normal again.

Oh, yeah? Is the market closed or what? Open again Monday?

It's not closed, but a lot of sellers have returned to their hometowns. Hopefully tomorrow it will be back to normal again. Some say it will be on April 6, but I don't know …

[AGUST 2020 - Pak Syuhada & Bu Putri have been evicted]

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