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Pak Yusuf - Asongan Eceran

Good afternoon sir, how are the sales right now?

Yeah, what can I say. Sometimes there are sometimes there’s not.

Has it returned to normal after this pandemic yet?

It's not back to normal for me. At the beginning of the pandemic, everything was gone, no one wanted to open their window, right, but after that masks were selling more and more. Many people from out of town have to wear a mask if they want to come into Jakarta.

So actually you’re selling more than before, right?

Now it's different again, many people have bought expensive masks, and don't want to buy cheap ones like this. And they’re still afraid too. It's tough.

So what is the best seller now?

Masks are still the best-selling item, but it's really reduced from last year.

Oh I see. Thank you for chatting, Pak, we have to go.

Yes, it's okay, look - the light is already green!

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