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To Jakarta I (always) Return!

If gravity is a force capable of making all objects fall to the ground, then the city is a node that is able to attract all future opportunities and dreams.

The holiday was over, and everything was back to normal.

The formal and casual economy, offices and street stalls, director and laborer, without exception work again.

Cigarette kiosks, fried food wagons and awning tents go back to being crowded by transactions between citizens of the city. The gas stoves came back on, the frying pan is filled with boiling oil, the glasses were again filled with hot coffee and all the intersections were again crowded by the whistle of "gopek police".

The soil was again excavated, new columns were upheld, roads flew, rail mounted, exhausts smoke.

Like a big bear just awakening from a long sleep, the city is again throbbing, ticking, frenetic, bubbling and burning all day and night.

Jakarta has been brought to life again!

Welcome to the old and new immigrants, the city is ready to test your mettle. May all good aspirations be achieved in this year, before the city returns to rest for the subsequent homecoming.

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