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Be Part of a Different Jakarta.

​The world's largest developing city is one of the most complex urban environments anywhere on Earth, a unique landscape of collaboration and opportunity built on tens of millions of daily interactions.

We believe in being a part of Jakarta, and that means understanding the city on its own terms.

Our Urban Impact Assessments capture everything you need

to become part of this dynamic metropolis.

Urban Impact Assessment

Through Mapping the Systems of the City

Jakarta is a complex and very diverse urban area. Every corner of this city has unique characteristics that affect the daily life around it. The whole city system is not only interesting to explore but also important to understand as a basis for policy, regulation, planning and design. How we see and understand the city will be different from every point of view, which is why many lenses are needed for research and mapping that can understand urban phenomena.


Rame Rame Jakarta with a research team consisting of experts in urbanism, architecture, economic, design, anthropology offers an urban impact assessment consultation through mapping the city system. Mapping the city system is needed in an effort to understand the factors that shape the characteristics of the city of Jakarta in certain locations or regions.

This urban impact assessment will produce key data from various aspects such as historical, economic, physical and socio-cultural aspects that will facilitate the process of achieving project objectives. In addition, the mapping of the city system will help increase the efficiency of project implementation, facilitate integration in urban interaction networks, and minimize unwanted side effects or risks from various parties.


We Accept Consultations on a Range of Key Urban Topics

  • Jakarta-specific urban planning, challenges and solutions

  • Architecture in the context of the city of Jakarta

  • Urban spatial management and accommodating informality

  • Integration of transportation in the socio-cultural network of the city

  • Urban psychology and social phenomena specific to Jakarta

  • The role of the informal economy in Jakarta's daily life

  • Micro-scale resilience and disaster mitigation

  • Research design and conducting research with academic institutions

  • Holding certain events in urban spaces

  • and others

Some Examples of Our Work

  • Design By Who? Stakeholder Mapping and Spatial Management of Fatmawati MRT Station (English)

  • Kebon Kacang Urban Renewal & Mobility Circulation Analysis (Bahasa Indonesia)

  • Rapat Tetangga - Compact Neighbourhoods for Jakarta's Low Income Communities (English)

Kami Menerima Konsultasi di Berbagai Fokus Bidang

For further discussion, you can request the Urban Impact Assessment SOP by contacting us via:


089695207079 (Whatsapp chat only)

Nika Audina - Project Liaison Officer RRJ

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