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Compact Neighbourhoods for Jakarta's
Low-income Communities

Rapat Tetangga is a study to determine the needs and characteristics in creating a residential environment that is integrated (compact), self-sufficient and resilient, while still considering aspects of the quality of dialogue between residents.

Taken from the word 'Rapat' (compact/meeting) and 'Tetangga' (Neighbours/Neighbourhood).

So the word 'Rapat' in a meeting of neighbours can have 2 meanings:

  • real meetings which in which dialogue is exchanged

  • or the idea of solidarity and togetherness.


Study Focus: 

Pesakih, Jakarta Barat

This research was driven by the adoption of new habits that occurred during the pandemic:

People trying to recenter their lifestyle around fulfilling their primary needs locally

Sehingga, kata ‘Rapat’ dalam Rapat Tetangga bisa mengandung 2 arti:

  • Rapat (meeting) yang mengandung makna dialog;

  • Rapat (compact) yang mengandung makna padat.

Rapat Tetangga Report

Rapat Tetangga - Bahasa Indonesia Report

Rapat Tetangga - English Language Report

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