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Our Goals

Rame-Rame Jakarta has 8 strategic goals.

1. Innovation Specific to Jakarta

Jakarta is a city second to none, both in terms of socio-cultural economic potential, as well as the challenges which accompany it. We try to encourage new approaches in finding contextual solutions necessary for various issues that are unique to this city.

2. Change the Urban Paradigm Towards Informality

Supporting positive narratives about the potential of and role of the informal sector in the daily life of Jakarta and its citizens

3. Integrate Informality within Urban Planning

Strive for the integration of wholistic urban planning which includes awareness and recognition of the characteristics and roles of Jakarta's informal sector

4. Contribute to the Process of Inclusive Urban Policy Making

Campaign for the involvement of Jakarta's informal sector actors in all aspects of the urban policy-making process

5. Urban Knowledge Accessible to Everyone

Produce and facilitating the process of producing urban knowledge freely accessible to all through a commitment to open data and full transparency

6. A Livable City for All

Actively engage with the efforts of citizens, institutions and urban policymakers to create a livable city for all

7. Siding with Marginalized Groups

Recording and disseminating new narratives and perspectives from Jakarta's informal sector actors into a space of wider public discussion

8. Strengthen the Resiliency of Urban 'Kampung'

Provide assistance and factual publication of various independent, self-managed and collaborative efforts by Jakarta's residents in overcoming existing and future challenges.

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