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Bu Rini - Odong-odong Listrik

Good afternoon Ibu, can we have a moment of your time?


How long have you been operating the Odong-odong?

One year in this area, around the beginning of 2017, before in UKM Ikan Hias, because it was a bit quiet there and I was asked to move on, so I searched for a place here. I was there for two years but after being evicted I had to find a new location.

And you rent this space, right?

That’s right, it’s just 6.000 a day.

Before here, where?

Previously I sold toys around Ikan Hias, but the toy traders were just evicted about a month ago.* Normally there is always a market there.

* assumption between late July or August

Why don't you just continue trading?

I just don’t have the time, I have to take care of the house first and since we were just newly evicted last month there is a lot to do. I want to keep trading, through.

You own this odong-odong yourself?

Yes, I do.

Wow, that must be quite a capital investment. How much are the kids paying, ibu?

They pay Rp. 2.000 per song, or 3 songs for Rp. 5,000. The total is estimated; when it’s not busy just pay as much as you can for a child.

What time do you start working?

Usually from 4:30 pm until 10

Does your husband work, ibu? What’s his job?

He’s an online motorcycle driver

This is the first time I’ve seen a woman waiting to operate an odong-odong.

Yes, but this is normal for me because my kid’s school is here.

What about customers?

Usually there are still plenty of customers; it’s normal for a lot of kids to come around here in the afternoons.

Has anyone ever got stuck, fallen or been hurt by your machine, bu?

To avoid any accidents you have to pay attention; sometimes the kids are left by the parents when they go to buy some food. We normally only scold kids when it’s really busy, because we have to rotate them quickly and sometimes I forget which ones have been riding for a longer time.

Ibu, if I may ask, do you know how much you make every day?

Yes, if we hit the daily average it could be around Rp.200.000

Thanks Ibu. May I take your picture?

Sure, miss.

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