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Pak Sukardi - PKL Soto

"At first I didn't want to come here. But because my rent is 8 months in arrears, I'm trying here to pay it off."

Since when did you start trading Soto Betawi, Pak? Previously during the pandemic I was just in the kampung for 13 months. I didn't want to come here. But I have a rent debt that is 8 months in arrears, so I'm trying here to pay it. Why not sell in area C, Pak? Because you can't. There are many stalls and everywhere is already occupied. I've bee here for a while, originally from a location in the sub-district (Cilandak sub-district office), where I had lots of regular customers from the civil servants. But now it's quiet there so I have to move around. Where is your regular route, Pak? From here to Jl. Lebak Bulus two (1 KM radius). I depart at 9 am, if it's crowded I'll finish all my stock at 17.30, then I go home. Usually at 2 o'clock here it starts to get quiet, so I continue walking. What is the impact of the pandemic? Is it busier now? Before the pandemic, a day could generate as much as 100,000, during the pandemic it's 50,000. The peak hours here are erratic. Because the customers are not regular office people, but passers-by, such as toilet users, or people buying gasoline. There are1-2 regular customers, such as Indomaret employees. Even in the afternoon, when it comes to office hours, the customers are still uncertain. Pretty crowded, but not necessarily with customers. What do you want to see from the MRT area? If it's allowed, I realize that a permanent one is not possible, but at least a tarpaulin tent can be installed, that's would be a real blessing for us. Even selling on the side of the road, I still pay Rp. 10,000 to Indomaret. The advantage is that if there are Satpol PP, I am allowed to enter the parking lot for a while to be safe.

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