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Bu Indah - Sopir Ojol Fatmawati

"If it's crowded here, there are (orders) constantly coming in, so everyone gets an even share."

Mrs. Indah has been working since 2017, and she used to operate in Pondok Labu. Then she moved to be invited by his brother-in-law to relocate. They both live in the same village and in the same house, with the same job as ojol. Bu Indah felt that at this location there are always a lot of orders, and her income has also significantly increased. "It's crowded here, there are (orders) on and on, so everyone gets an even share." However, she feels that she still has not received as many orders as other drivers. For example, while she was waiting, her brother-in-law had gone back and forth twice since this morning. Bu Indah always waits at the same point, namely at the coffee stall (warkop), whether morning, afternoon or evening. Especially during the day when she takes a break, she can be found chatting with her brother-in-law and other drivers at the warkop.

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