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Pak Gondrong - Tukang Parkir Fatmawati

"When it comes to tidying up, start with tidying up up the ojol and pedestrians."

Despite his frightening appearance, Mr. Gondrong is very friendly. All the customers he interacted with were friendly with him too. He has been on guard here since 2021. Together with his three colleagues, they look after hundreds of motorbikes at a 24 hour parking place. Passing the critical period of the pandemic, now parking revenues are starting to improve, marked by the number of employees returning to work by taking the MRT.

Since when has this motorbike parking been here, Pak?

This parking lot was just created after the MRT, I forgot exactly when, but I've been here since last year (2021). At first it was only a few motorbikes, nowhere near this many. In the past people parked on the open land over there, but then that was closed. Finally, we set up here to accommodate all of the motorcycles.

Why did it close, and is there a risk of this place going the same way?

I don't know the details, but it's owned by a corporate partner. This land belongs to an individual, so it's much simpler to work something out. The motor capacity here is around 230. I'm not the only one guarding either, there are three other people, surveillance cameras too, so far there have been no cases of theft or loss.

If the motorbike parking outside is crowded (in front of the vacant land), it is usually the motorbike of the MRT security officer or the officer guarding the vacant land itself. Here parking is 5,000 all day until 10 pm, more than that is subject to a charge. If you stay overnight it's 10,000, so for a day and night a total of 15,000.

What has the pandemic been like?

During the pandemic it was really quiet, and now it's just starting to get busy again. A few months ago (during PPKM) it was still really empty, maybe only 70 motorbikes to 100 motorbikes.

Is the traffic crowded in the afternoon here? Any effect on this parking business?

No, but it affects the local people, especially in the residential complex, who often complain. Sometimes the Transportation Agency comes to manage it, the PP Satpol too, if it gets worse.

There are a lot of traders here, where do people usually hang out?

Ordinary employees at cafes, if people park here, most of them hang out at the stalls here.

What is the profit sharing system here, sir?

The owner of the land gets half. The other half we divide by four. So when it's only 70 motorcycles, just imagine how small the income is.

If the parking lot is full, where are the remaining motorbikes?

We relocate them to the side of the road, but always keep an eye on them.

What are your hopes for the station area?

Just to keep moving forward. When it comes to tidying up, it's best to tidy up the ojol and pedestrians first. We don't have the right to stop people from making money. Security here is good, there is village security, complex too.

"Sometimes the Transportation Agency is there to manage things, the PP Satpol too, if it gets bad."

"Motorcycles parked outside (in front of vacant land) are usually motorbikes for MRT security officers or officers guarding the vacant land."

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