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Bu Tri - Kios Rujak Ulek Serut

One of the things that makes informal businesses a favorite is the low prices and large portions. They’ve also usually got their own loyal customers. So what about during this pandemic and PPKM (social mobility restrictions)?

Bu Tri, a Rujak Ulek Serut trader in Jatinegara, really feels the impact of this long-standing pandemic. Helped by her husband, who is finding it increasingly difficult to find construction work, Mrs. Tri still trades Rujak Ulek Serut to meet her economic needs. The portions offered are enormous, enough for 3-4 people at pocket-friendly prices! But, even so, selling it is still difficult.

We chatted with Bu Tri about selling rujak after more than a year living with the pandemic.

Hello Bu, how long have you been selling Rujak like this?

It's been 7 years, a long time.

From the beginning in this location, too?

In Jatinegara? Yup, I'm here because I'm looking for a busier road, so that's how it works. I live in North Jakarta, Tanjung Priok, but not many people there want to buy it.

How much does the salad cost for one portion?

The rujak is 15 thousand, and the fruit can be grated or cut. The one that is cut is a bit heavier, using raw sweet potatoes, and spicier too. If you want it to be a bit fresher, buy the grated version. When it's hot like this, more people want to buy that variety.

So there are still many people who buy, Bu? In this time of pandemic?

No! Very few. The longer the pandemic, the more difficult it is for all of us. I've lost more than 80% of my income. Y’know, Jatinegara was closed for a full month, and it only just opened again. My income was almost zero during that time. How do you survive?

Then the market is back to normal again?

What's normal? Normal like before covid is impossible. The kampung residents are all having a hard time, many are unable to find work or have been laid off. Every company that is not open has employees, employees have children, and wives. One family is 5 consumers for me, and they’re all gone.

So it's hard for people to buy rujak nowadays, right?

It's hard times. There is no money for snacks anymore, people just save it to buy rice, medicine, and children's school books. If anyone wants to buy fruit, well, we are in front of a very big market, and it’s cheaper inside. My profit is the price difference. People usually eat rujak together, but if you're at home then you might as well just buy fruit and make your own rujak.

So maybe we can promote it, Bu. Can people buy it on gofood or what?

It's on Gofood, just look for RUJAK ULEK SERUT JATINEGARA or call directly, the number is 082112073747.

Okay, Bu, good luck!

Amen, be careful.

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