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Bu Tumiati - Warung Kopi

Bu Tumiati is an important actor in the transportation network in the Manggarai station area, serving train passengers, online motorcycle taxis and station employees as well

Hello bu, how long have you had a food stall here ?

Maybe around 3 years ago.

What time do you usually open ?

I start from 6 am - 11 pm, and I open almost every day. If I get tired I might close at 10.

Do you live here too bu ?

Yes, I rent this place and live here with my husband and my daughter’s family. I'm originally from Madiun, I still have my house there, and my youngest/ son lives there too.

Why choose this business and set up here, bu?

Because business in my place was quiet, but I still wanted to work, I didn't want to stop. I’m still looking for school fees for my youngest child. I always think, don't give up if you are looking for fortune. So, my other child used to live in the local kampung here too, and he suggested opening a warung makan (food stall) here.

Where do you normally buy your ingredients from, bu?

I like to buy them at a market a little far from here, and I usually ride an angot there and back. The thing is that if I buy them around here I can’t get everything I need.

How about the income, bu ?

Yes, it's really quite good, I can pay the school fees for my children in the village. There’s enough to give pocket money to my grandson too.

How many customers a day?

I don't count it, but there are many who come here to eat and to drink.

Are there many online drivers ?

Not only online drivers, but there are many online ojek drivers hanging out here. There are also many employees who work at the station who come, but usually they don't want to eat on the spot and get their food wrapped to go..

Do you charge for the electricity when the online driver charging their phones here too?

Yes, once a month I ask online drivers who hang here every day to pay Rp.10,000. Not all of them pay, but I just let it be, let’s say I'm helping. I also thought that later if my child would need help someone will help them. So, it doesn't matter.

Finally, do you have recommendations for Manggarai development plans, bu ?

Yes, if possible the government helps small businesses like me and others. Make a neat and safe place, so we can keep selling and online drivers can still gather.

Thanks for you time bu.

Yes, you are welcome.

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